21 March 2013

Justice is Done

Who would recognize her now? Raped, forced to change colour not just owner...over a year and a half away from her owner. And then, fate gets in the way. Koper Toni is the man I need to thank. Not just a brother, more like an extension of me, at times.

Yes guys, it's her: my stolen bike.

19 March 2013

Muja Bela

O Muja bela, Muja reale,
de nove cose la se pol lodare:
el bel castelo che fa la vardia al mare, e le saline che fasseva sale; Al porto belo ghe xe un bel spedale, che in tuta l'Istria no ghe xe l'uguale: e po' vissino ghe xe la purtissa, che porà ciamar Muja nuvissa. A la porta granda xe una bela insegna,
che xe San Marco, e Dio ne lo mantegna; A San Francesco ghe xe una funtana, che porò ciamar Muja sovrana; In piassa granda ghe xe un bel stendardo, che de belessa 'l porto 'l pomo d'oro, e po' la cesa de San Zuan e Polo,
che de belessa la val un tesoro.

The New Furnace

Adieu to The Furnace, blessing for The New Furnace. A good cleaning at the glass is an excellent starting point.

Tokyo Fixed London

I was supposed to have at least a good couple hours to stroll down oxford street in tranquility and visit Tokyo Fixed London with plenty of time. But what should have been normal work interviews ending at 5pm turned into a neverending flow of words which wasn't over until 7:15pm...15 minutes to walk to the shop, have a look, and watch it close...

I made it, enjoyed it, and was able to buy me a cap and some good, resistant toestraps.

22 February 2013

The Fall

Never seen the Prof fall from the bike. I remember once, he popped out when we were beginning to get worried about where the fuck he had gone, with a bleading bruise on his leg and a good dose of adrenaline in his eyes, a sign that the fall he had just experienced had been a frightening one...this time it was just huge laughs and more importantly I caught it on film!

06 February 2013


When stupidity is praised...thanks London Courier Emergency Fund.

04 February 2013

Cinelli MASH Il Prof Special Edition

The question is: who's gonna stop him? Now he's got acceleration too. And a fucking big smile on his face...

The Road to Alba

Take me on your roads. Let me ride your bike. Slowly by my side, smile as you enjoy it. Smile as I enjoy you. Take me on your roads. Let me ride your bike. I'll leave it in your hands. It's yours the way I am.


...This one's quite funny, I shot a couple Sundays ago at The Furnace. Koper Toni bought himself a flaming new Vigorelli frame, which we mounted (we're butchers, not mechanics...) in an afternoon. "Macinelleria" is a blend of Cinelli and Macelleria ( = Butcher). If you watch the video you'll understand, we slayed the beed...

Details Extended

This is another one...


I haven't been posting for a while...December's been a bus day, our critterium has been put on hold due to weather conditions and we'll start talking about it again soon I hope. Meanwhile though I've been filiming a little. This is one of the results.

29 November 2012

Nosepolcity Criterium

And finally, here it is. Scheduled for 2 December. Though we might be forced to do it on the following Sunday since weather forecasts aren't very good...


28 November 2012

matitesonfissà art (real art)

These are some amazing drawings, in my opinion. I really love the chain-brain, that's just amazing. Someone else might have done it before, I don't care, I had never seen it and it's gorgeous. And I love the light bulb, and I love the cogs with the name of our group inside...Giacomo Licen-Porro is the artist behind them. The man is quite gifted: left aside the drawing talent which is so evident, Giacomo is a marathon runner too. Not just one who runs marathons, he's the kind of guy who actually WINS marathons...And he's got family too. He's filled his life with positive things to do, me thinks. 

A friend of the Prof, of course. It was his idea to ask Giacomo if he would be willing to draw a few sketches for a possible logo of "matitesonfissà" (there's been several designs proposed lately, some good and some...well). When and if there will be an official logo, I don't care. And I don't care which logo. The drawings you see below are my idea of a logo and I'll definitely use them for a t-shirt sooner or later. I absolutely love them. 

Am getting more and more convinced the Prof has some inborn talent in spotting out beauty. Be it a slow-motion video of absolute poetry, an object, a piece of clothing, some kind of weird design or traditional tool, the man's got an instinct and can pick up the scent of beauty a thousand miles away, I guess. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder so maybe it's just a question of shared taste...

Anyway, bring joy to your eyes with Giacomo's drawings:


Had almost forgotten these clips, shot when I turned from my old bike to the Pelizzoli frame.

27 November 2012


We've decided to organize a critterium. No serious organization by the way, just trying to give it a vague aura of respectability, with a track, a day and time to meet, as well as a little money contribution to participate (money = beers). Perhaps we'll even manage to have some kind of trophey...We'll see. I like the track, I like the spot we found. No 180° bends which is a pity but still, there's a nice unexpected curve into a sort of short-cut among two roads and we decided to include that. It's super short, but we're  super novices, so it's fine...

We have no traning, no idea, almost no organisation. And it could end up just the 5 of us meeting on Sunday. It will be fun, for sure. Nothing to do with a serious critterium. Which we will eventually organize...It will require phone calls, sponsors, and some extra work to make it happen properly. And if it turns out as expected, racing will be the last of our thoughts since no one among us will be able to compete with the guys who will participate. But that's just dreaming. And by the way, I actually dream more about an alleycat than a critterium. An alleycat would be even more complicated to organise. In the meantime, reality grounds our feet to the circuit you see below and to the non-existing speed you can appreciate in the video.

20 November 2012

The bridge, the train and the church

listen to yourself. listen to your fears. they have nothing to do with who you are. where you come from. they come from what could be. listen to yourself. you think of what could be as time goes by and takes away what you are now. now counts. it always did. you always knew. what you did, the mistakes that could take you where you don't want to be, that can't be changed. what will happen, what fate will turn that coin heads or tails, you can't predict.

there is only now. just the bridge, the train and the church. and you are in the midst of it all and your legs go up and down and your heart pumps in and out and your breath exhales and inhales and your eyes adjust. darkness is a friend and warms your soul. pedals are a friendly enemy to attract and push away, on and on. your challenge is now. what you were seconds ago does not count. where you will be months from now does not count.

focus on life. feel your instrument as it helps you climb. there IS a smile inside you and you know it. just set it free. don't even think about it. think heart, muscle, pedal and soul. if you see her say hello, she might be in Tangier. she might think i've forgotten her. go tell her it isn't so.

lights they pass you by. lights and people. people and their thoughts. they look at you and you feel proud as they feel puzzled. muscles will take you there. lungs will lead the way. heart will never fail. the soul will do the rest.

close your eyes, enjoy the ride. one ride. one way only. just once. everything is now. and now you are on track.

08 November 2012

Timelapse Town 7/11

I hope I won't bore you guys with this timelapse crave of mine but it's really fun to think about situations in which such a video technique can be used. Everything's been already done and everything's been already seen and we're fine with that...But one thing is watching videos and another is shooting them. Obviously it's much more fun, much more complicated and much more interesting and satisfying when you're happy with the result...This might not be the case but I'm, well, sort of archiving & documenting my progresses here. And by the way what the fuck, why am I explaining so much, this space was meant for me to publish what I want in the first place.
A night ride around town. Blurred streets and lights, difficult to understand anything even if you're from Trieste. The only place you can properly see is the door of the Boston Boulevard...

04 November 2012

Ocio che Piovi

This is a quite funny shot in Koper Toni's garage. I am experimenting with timelapse videos and seeing where it takes...Right after this shot a semi-epic bike ride began..with Koper Toni apparently in need of huge climbs to recover from a long first month experience at Genuino - Naturally fast food.

13 October 2012

Pliskovica Tour

Had said I would have eventually edited the few videos we shot during the memorable tour in Slovenia and here it is. A quick, non-cronological condensed summary of that day.

08 October 2012

Just like the old days

A Sunday tour as we used to organise them some time ago. After lunch meeting at Salone degli Incanti, ride towards the Costiera, right-turn up heading for Via del Pucino, quick stop for a video, then up Santa Croce where the "Tour de Frasque" (copyright Simone Sandri) begins: 3 (maybe 4?) osmize to test our liver with boiled eggs and spritz (white wine + sparkling water), then back dow to town around 7pm. Just like the old days. With the Prof and Ricciu but most importantly with Billy and Simo by my side (welcome back boys). There's a few videos to edit but sadly one of the longest wheelies ever seen (who but Billy could do it?) isn't on the footage...it's for our memories only...